Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After some soul searching, I found my purpose...

I have been on some sort of hiatus. Not sure where all my motivation went, but I am glad I have found it again. I believe that I became a little overwhelmed with some reading challenges, and found myself reading some things that I just had no interest in.

I find that for myself, to keep me motivated, I need to be reading what piques my interest, and what fits my fancy. I learned that I am not a huge fan on memoirs, while I find them to be very informative, it feels like I am reading text books. I will try to minimize the number of them that I read. I am not a HUGE fan of *gasp* classics. While I find the stories good for the most part, I struggle with the language. Tess of the D'Urbervilles to name one. It takes me a long time to read, and I like to be able to sail through a book. It feels like I take more away from the novel if I don't have to read and re-read.

What I really love to read is Fiction. I love a good, rich, story. Historical Fiction I would say is my favorite. I love to read about WWII. If there are any of you that have some great ideas for me to read, please share!!

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Care said...

It's likely you will love The Help and The Guernsey book and I rec The Housekeeper and the Prof and... Read what you want and enjoy yourself. :)