Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Ticket to Ride

Author: Paula McLain
Pages: 272
Date Finished: November 10, 2008
Rating: 4/5

"It was August. For days it was August."

During the summer of 1973, Jamie and her cousin, Fawn, who has come to stay for the summer, spend their days sunbathing, listening to great music, and getting into trouble. Jamie lives with her uncle, Raymond, and is excited to have someone to spend the long days with. Fawn is older, very manipulative and quite self absorbed. Jamie is only 14 and still not sure about who she is and what is important to her. She is very impressionable, and wants so much to be accepted by Fawn, her much cooler and prettier older cousin. Jamie and Fawn find themselves in a situation that really tests who they are morally and ethically. Will they do the right thing? Meanwhile, Raymond is forced to reflect on his own life, his relationship with his sister, Suzette, and how it came to be that Jamie is living with him and not her own mother.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The author spent a lot of the book building the characters, which I liked because it gave more feeling to the storyline. I loved every character in the book because I am able to relate to all of them in one way or another. Thinking back, I was just like Jamie, confused about who I was and willing to do what I could to be accepted.

I will caution that the language in the book will be offensive to some. There is a lot of talk about drug use and some about sex.

Thank goodness, I am more sure about who I am now, and confident in myself. Those teenage years are the worst, especially while you are trying to figure out who you are...

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Trish said...

I would definitely NOT go back to being a teenager...yuck! I haven't heard of this one, but it sounds interesting--I like well developed characters that I can relate to as well.