Sunday, October 19, 2008

Memoirs of a Geisha

Date Finished: October 18, 2008
Pages: 428
Rating: 4/5

Memoirs of a Geisha is so beautifully written, and easy to read. The story is fiction yet written in a way that is believed to be told by the Geisha herself. I really enjoyed reading the book from the beginning to the end.

Chiyo was only nine years old when she was sold to an okiya to become a Geisha. The story follows her through her life as she discovers who she really is, and what her destiny is to be.

There are so many eloquent analogies, and great descriptions about her emotions that it is hard to not feel as she feels.

I was really apprehensive to start this book as I thought that it would be above my realm of understanding, but it was so easy and smooth to read. I enjoyed the book the whole way through though at times I felt the book was anti-climactic. However, the story developed and moved along without me even knowing it. I felt that this book was taking me a long time to read. I don't know why, but I never felt bored while reading it. Strange. I have never felt that way about a book before...

Reading this story has made me fall in love even more with the Japanese culture. I definately will be reading a lot more about the Japanese , and will do more to learn about the history of Japan. I love when a book can inspire that.


Beth F said...

Good review. I also really loved the book and felt that I gained a good insight into a particular time in Japanese history.

Jessica said...

Great review. And congratulations on finishing another book for the Lit Flicks Challenge. I read this book over seven years ago, but I still remember how it made me feel. I think I need to reread it soon.

I was a little disappointed by the movie adaptation, but it was beautifully shot. Do you plan on seeing the movie?

Trish said...

I love when a book can inspire me to learn more as well. I'm doing a Japanese challenge right now--and while I've been doing a really bad job of reading the books on the list, I did find one that was really beautiful (and short!) called Snow Country.

I know what you mean about the book being a little anti-climactic. I think this one for me was more about the descriptions and the way of life rather than the actual events--and sometimes that can take longer to read but have more payoff (for me anyway!).

michellekae said...

trish- I actually have been really interested in reading Snow Country. I think sometimes the reading challenges make it hard to read what is not on your lists because your time is so consumed with the ones that are. I need to make that one a priority.

Trish said...

Welcome to my world--the challenge books have overtaken my life!!! :D Actually, none of the books I read for the read-a-thon were challenge books, but only because I really don't want to read the ones that are left on the list!! LOL. Snow Country is pretty short--maybe 150 pages? I didn't like it as much as Memoirs but it is still an interesting read.

In terms of challenges--I figure out how many books I usually read a month and vow not to have that many challenge books per month. So, if I read 4 books a month, I'll leave 1 of those books open for a "whatever" read--that way I'm not in a position where EVERY book I read is a challenge book (which is what happened last year).

Trish said...

Oh--did I mention that I am the ultimate nerd--or did you already know that? :P And glad to hear that Monica is OK--what a scare!

michellekae said...

trish- ni kidding right? I am so excited that she is having a girl! I know that she was really wanting one! I need to get an email out to you.. Don't worry, i really do not think that you are a nerd. I love that you get so into reading and the like. It is fun to stay in touch that way.

ibeeeg said...

I read this book back in June and blogged about it.

I really enjoyed this book beyond what I thought I would. It was an excellent read.

I was, however, very...very disappointed in the movie. It was so not worth my time.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Great review! I'm chiming in on the love for this book, I was hesitant at first but then completely sucked into the world.