Monday, October 6, 2008

Charlotte's Web

Date Finished: Oct. 5, 2008
Pages: 192
Rating 4/5

This book was such an easy read. I read through it virtually in one afternoon. Of course a little below my level of maturity, but always nice to revisit your childhood if even in a book.

Charlotte, the spider, befriends a pig who feels alone, and afraid. The story follows them as they both benefit from this friendship in different ways.

I couldn't help but catch the under-toned messages that come along with children's novels, which felt a little cheesy, but all in all, a good easy read.

I will probably choose to watch this movie along with the book for my lit flick challenge. I have not seen the movie in ages, but was always one of my favorites growing up.


Trish said...

I haven't read this book in ages! OK--I don't think I've read it since my teacher read it to the class in 2nd grade. I'd like to re-read it some day, though. Glad you liked it (and sometimes it's nice to read an easier read).

Jessica said...

Congrats on finishing a Lit Flicks Challenge qualifier. I LOVE this book!! I agree that it can be cheesy, but I loved this book as a child and it always brings back good memories. As for the movie versions, I'd stick with the cartoon. The live action one with Dakota Fanning should be retitled "Fanning Vehicle."

michellekae said...

I have never seen the one with Dakota Fanning, but I was planning on seeing that one. Oh well maybe two movies wouldn't hurt right?