Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Date Finished: October 15, 2008

Pages: 338

Rating: 4/5

I think I enjoyed this book a little better than the first. Bridget is so frustratingly lovable. In this novel she is up to her usual antics. She is someone who will be happy when... Again it is a character piece that every woman can relate to. It is perfectly put at the end of the book when she says "Will be fantastic in California with sunshine and millions of self help books..."
Bridget is always trying to better her life, and she is endearing and ridiculous all at the same time.

I watched the movie to this book and to the first Bridget Jones movie. I was wondering how they were going to put the interview with Colin Firth into the movie because Colin Firth plays the part of Mark Darcy. Of course that part was taken out. I was definitely disappointed in the movie not surprisingly enough. I thought that the movie did a terrible job of following the book. It was totally different. But oh well, what do you expect?


Trish said...

I totally wondered how they were going to do the interview also! My friend and I have been trying to watch that version of P&P and so far we've watched it on two different nights and STILL haven't finished it. Sheeesh. I've re-read the first book a few times, but I guess maybe I should re-read this one, too. Glad you're loving Bridget so much!

Jessica said...

I hate it when they make a movie and base it so loosely on the book that the two really shouldn't have the same title.

Congrats on finishing another book and movie for the Lit Flicks Challenge!