Friday, September 19, 2008

New Blog for a New Passion

I started a seperate blog for my reading challenges and the books that I read. I have come to really enjoy sitting down to a book and being taken away by it. So here I will be joining challenges and writing reviews and ect. I am virgin to all of this so bear with my ignorance and stupidity with the links and what not. I am sure I will get it figured out.... so Come and enjoy, and hopefully be inspired to read as well!

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Trish said...

Yay--I am so freakin' excited! :) I love when people come over to the dark side...just kidding.

If you need anything, let me know! I see that you've got Wendy's A Novel Challenge page figured out--which is the first step to the challenges. I'm guessing it will probably slow down for the next couple of months with new ones but a whole bunch will start again in January.

Yay yay yay!! :)